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November 1, 2012


     Tuesday is election day... your chance to help make America and Oklahoma stronger. I'm always dismayed to hear people decide who to vote for based on party.

   On the national level republicans and democrats seem to care more about their party than they do America... 

   They exist to block each other from accomplishing anything...compromise is virtually non-existant.  Congress has been unwilling to cut spending, close loop holes, raise taxes or anything else that will help balance the budget. 

     Cops, firefighters, first responders are battling the hurricane that just hit the east coast. They likely earn $50-100,000 a year and earn every penny of it doing their jobs well. 

     Congress pays themselves nearly $200,000 a year and accomplish virtually nothing. Social Security, Medicare, Tax Reform have been ignored... they haven't even created a budget.

     Oklahoma's Will Rogers reminded us the only things certain in life were death and taxes... but at least death didn't get worse every time congress reconvened....

    So vote...but vote intelligently...not by the person.  

For Common Sense, I'm Vince Orza.

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