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Thunder Alley

June 1, 2013

Thunder Alley

   You've gotta love what the Oklahoma City Thunder have done for Oklahoma. Half the state loves OSU the other half OU...but everyone in Oklahoma loves the Thunder.

     A good news story about the Thunder appear in virtually every newspaper and sports program throughout the year. 

   So it's sad that in the middle of the NBA finals, the stupid actions of a couple of thugs ruin the collegial excitement that made Thunder Alley a sports phenomena.

    The playoffs are showing America and the world Oklahoma's vibrancy.  Thousands of supporters who couldn't afford or find a ticket to the games were willing to stand outside for hours to support the Thunder.  Then the jerks screwed it up.
   It seems to me if we can control the crowds at the state fair, arts festival, tailgate parties at OU and OSU Opening Night on New Year's Eve  ... we should be able to control them in Thunder Alley. 
   Thunder team members make no bones about it.... fan support makes them play better. Inside the arena and out the overwhelming majority of fan support has been well mannered and well behaved.
   You can't fault the city for over reacting to recent violence but more cops on the street around Thunder Alley should help minimize stupid behavior and keep Thunder Alley a great first impression of Oklahoma City's vibrant economy, great people and the great NBA success story called the Oklahoma City Thunder.

For Common Sense, I'm Vince Orza.

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