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The Media and The Storm

   The tornadoes and storms that hit Oklahoma City last week were devastating. As bad that could have been much much worse had it not been for Oklahoma's television stations and the work of a lot heroic public officials, cops, firefighters and other first responders.

    A lot of people take great pleasure in blasting what is commonly referred to as the 'lame stream media' and big government.

   But on days like we've had on May 19th and 20th... the media and government earned and deserve great praise.

   Weather reports from local TV stations likely saved lives... a lot of lives.  Reporters on the scene helped people understand the gravity of the situation, depth of the storm...find loved ones.

   Flying around in TV helicopters is no picnic when the skies are stormy and debris is flying in all directions.  The pilots and reporters in those choppers face great peril showing us what's happening on the ground.

   Perhaps most important the TV stations are the central source of information on what viewers can do to help the Red Cross, Salvation Army and other rescue operations.

   On days like we these... we should be enormously grateful we have an aggressive free press.

   As for that big government issue... the National Guard, police, firefighter and rescue workers are part of that big government... and as always they're the best.

  For Common Sense, I'm Vince Orza.

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