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Storm Shelters

   I read an interesting article in The Oklahoman about how cities have gotten out of the public storm shelter business... because of safety concerns?

    Edmond, Midwest City and Norman closed their shelters and Oklahoma City never had them. The logic for closing them is that they may not be able to accommodate everyone that arrives in the event of severe weather.

   City leaders say they are concerned they might have to turn people away if they didn't have enough room.   

   Other reasons included traffic jams or people being in harm’s way in their cars driving to the shelters. Some city officials said city buildings may not be any safer than people’s homes.

   Ironically, if you are willing to rent a hotel room at the Midwest City Sheraton Hotel you'll be allowed to enter the shelter in the Reed Center attached to the hotel.

   Look,  I understand a shelter may not be able to accommodate everyone who shows up.... but I have a hard time with the logic that says since we can't protect everyone, we shouldn't protect anyone.

     It seems to me one of the purposes of government is to help people in emergency situations... and having some place to try and go during a tornado is better than having no place.  And yes it might be full but then again it might not. And who knows, maybe all those people inside might just try to squeeze in a few extra people.

For Common Sense, I'm Vince Orza.

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