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Stan Hupfeld

April 23, 2012

Stan Hupfeld

    This being a political year...we're hearing all about Obama-Care...Romney Care and a
litany of political grandstanding over America's health care system.

   Both parties claim there's a health care crisis and  blame each other for creating it. 

    Stan Hupfeld spent most of his life in the health care industry ...most notably running Oklahoma City's Integris Hospital. 

     Like a lot of us, Stan is fed up with politicians in both parties pointing out the problem but doing nothing to fix it.  

      So Stan has written a book that's easy to read because he speaks in laymen's terms.  He cuts through the sound bites and political slogans ... and most important, proposes solutions. The book is called 'Political Malpractice...How the Politicians Made A Mess of Health Reform'.  

   It's available at area book stores and well worth reading so you'll understand what's real and
what's political B.S. when you vote for president this fall.

For Common Sense, I'm Vince Orza.

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