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Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Mind Games Team

Competition Date: 9/30/12

Dr. Fred Gates


Zeke Mills
Major: Pharmacy
Hometown: Springfield, MO
Bio: Has sung in Academic Choirs for the past 13 years

Jim Ferguson
Major: History
Hometown: Elk City, OK
Bio: Favorite class is any history

Erika Christner
Major: Math Education
Hometown: Enid, OK
Bio: Loves to travel, just recently returned from another European adventure

Tanner Fisher
Major: Communications/Theater
Hometown: Calumet,OK
Bio: Enjoys reading, travel and swimming

Josh Olivera
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Cordell, OK
Bio: Nickname is "Ollie", favorite class is creative writing/poetry, plays billiards, enjoys cooking

Connor Holland
Major: Engineering Physics
Hometown: Duncan, OK
Bio: Nickname is "Special C", enjoys math, physics, works with individuals with special needs, favorite class is Calculus I

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