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Southwestern Christian University

Mind Games Team

Competition Date: 10/7/12

Chet Horn
Harve Griffin


Taylor Drake
Major: Biblical Studies with an emphasis in Old Testament Theology
Hometown: Durant, OK
Bio: Taylor has recently married and lives in Shawnee.

Ashley Wheeler
Major: English/Business
Hometown: Wexford, Ireland

Martin Vance
Major: Sports Management
Hometown: Lincoln, England
Bio: Martin would be willing to talk about his experience as an international student in the United States.

Joshua Washington
Major: Behavioral Sciences
Hometown: Tulsa,OK
Bio: Joshua enjoys playing soccer and studying the Bible.

Samuel Taylor
Major: Sports Management
Hometown: Nottingham, England
Bio: Appeared on Weakest Link. Competed in chess at the national level. Plays soccer for SCU.

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