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SEOSU - Fall 2013

Coach: Brett Elliott

Kyle Mohler
Major: Mathematics
Hometown: Prague, OK
Bio: Kyle is active in the Math Club, the Baptist Collegiate Ministries and enjoys running and rock climbing. He enjoys doing mental math and skipped the 6th grade. 

Apryl Mock
Major: Journalism
Hometown: Boswell, OK
Bio: Apryl's favorite class was photojournalism because she eventually wants to take pictures for magazines such as National Geographic. She writes for the Southeastern newspaper and hopes to become the editor in the future and she's a member of the Choctaw Nation. 

George Allen Fritts
Major: Chemistry
Hometown: Mililani, Hawaii
Bio: In addition to his studies, Allen enjoys scuba diving, doing logic puzzles and participating in competetive jump rope. 

Nicholas Patterson
Major: History/Math
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Bio: Nicholas enjoys reading history, theology and science, playing billboards and he is currently studying two languages. 

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