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Rogers State University

Mind Games Team

Competition Dates: 9/23/12 & 10/14/12

Jim Ford
Carolyn Taylor

White Team

Jacob Daniel
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Claremore
Bio: Side interest in astronomy

Andrew Robinson
Major: Business Marketing
Hometown: Nowata
Bio: "I work for DoubleShot Coffee Company, serving up fresh coffee 24/7."

Zach Moore
Major: Medical/Molecular Biology
Hometown: Pryor
Bio: Side "I once broke my nose while playing mini golf"

Cadence Wong
Major: Medical/Molecular Biology
Hometown: Claremore
Bio: Oklahoma Academic All-Stater 2012

Alex Whitfield
Major: Undecided
Hometown: Owasso
Bio: "When I ws born, the doctor got my name wrong, and I was legally named Alice until my parents got it changed."

Blue Team

John Paul Yeager
Major: Pschology, Honors Minor
Hometown: Okmulgee
Bio: "My role models are Bill Nye and Wishbone the dog."

Thomas Hurt (Tommy)
Major: History
Hometown: Okmulgee
Bio: "I collect vinyl records and coffee mugs."

Zachary Coker
Major: Military History
Hometown: Tulsa
Bio: "I am Batman."

Holly Bates
Major: English
Hometown: Vinita
Bio: Studied in Wales, UK this spring; travelled Europe this summer.

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