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November 15, 2012

Political Titles

     The election is over and there's a lot of speculation about how Romney could have lost or how Obama could have won with weak economy and nearly 8% unemployment.

   The answer is it or not.. The President gave voters something to  vote for, the republicans gave them something to vote against ....and wound up losing the women's, minority, youth and independent votes.

   Political races continue to get more and more negative... Terms like radical, dangerous, traitor, Nazi's have become common place. 

   The two parties exist to destroy each other...They can't agree on a budget, leave agencies leaderless, block  judicial appointments and now have the nation on the verge massive cuts in spending and huge tax increases... because neither party is willing to compromise on anything.

    Explain to me how Rudy Guiliani, Arnold Schwartzenager, Mitt Romney, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity and Jim Inhofe  are all republicans?

   Or how David or Dan Boren are in the same party as President Obama, Barney Frank or Nancy Pelosi... and it's even more confusing when you
add in the Tea Party.
   These oddball mix of characters are why independent registration is on the rise.

   Voters care less and less about republican or democrat...they just want something done....stop calling each other names and compromise.

   Nixon went to China, Reagan & Gorbachav ended the cold war, Eisenhower built the interstate highway...proving there are places for compromise and big gov't.

   We'll need both to bring our troops home from Afghanistan, balance the budget and get people back to work.

   Let your congressman and senators know...stop fighting and get something done.

   Another 4 years  of political name calling will destroy America.  

For Common Sense, I'm Vince Orza.

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