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Political Stupidity

Common Sense with Vince

    I don't know about you...but based on what I heard last week, I expected  America to fall apart.  The president warned of unimaginable impending doom. 

   Our national defenses would collapse, our meat would be poisoned, schools would close, teachers laid off... old people would be left to die in the social security or medicare. ... all because of sequestration.

    I looked it up..sequestration is the latin term that describes the immense stupidity being displayed by congress and the president.

    Sequestration was the president's idea and congress was dumb enough to vote it in.  Both sides agreed its economic impact would be so dire they'd have to come to a compromise.

   Well they didn't... and for one reason. While the sequester may hurt everyone else in America... it doesn't touch congressional salaries.  They're all still getting paid.  They have better health insurance and a much better retirement system than anything you or I will ever get from social security.

    Congress has protected itself at the expense of everyone else in America.  They redistrict their communities to make sure they can't be defeated.

   They spend more time raising money for their reelections then they do solving the nations problems. They've made it virtually impossible for us to throw the bums out.

   They even passed a law that says they have to be paid...  all while telling us how worried they are about what sequestration is doing to us.

    If you're as fed up with the president and congress as I me a favor. This Common Sense commentary is on the KSBI website...   Feel free to send it anyone you please.


    For Common Sense, I'm Vince Orza.


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