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Pioneer-Pleasant Vale

Competition Date: 01/13/12

Kathy Grant


Nicholas Denker
Grade: 12
Bio: Favorite Class: Spanish, Extracurricular Activities: football, baseball, basketball, band, STUCO. He likes shooting stuff.

Blake Gabriel
Grade: 11
Bio: Favorite Class: World History, Extracurricular Activities: football, basketball, baseball, STUCO. Outstanding dancer

Nicholas Payne

Grade: 11
Bio: Favorite Class: US History, Extracurricular Activities: basketball and golf. Qualified for National Geography Bee in 8th grade.

Carter Postier

Bio: Favorite Class: Chemistry, Extracurricular Activities: baseball, weight lifting, music, connoisseur

Jonathon Mellica

Grade: 9
Bio: Favorite Class: Life Science, likes riddles

Blaise Newman

Grade: 12
Bio: Favorite Class: Physics, Extracurricular Activities: fastpitch softball and archery. Ranked 3rd nationally in junior olympics - Archery

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