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Piedmont High School

Competition Date: 1/13/12

Cynthia Brown


Dane Lyman
Grade: 12
Bio: Academic team. Likes gaming, paintballing and reading. AP Psychology is my favorite course. It's questionable whether I know what I am talking about.

Hunter Edwards
Grade: 12

Levi Crouch
Grade: 12
Bio: Drama club, Academic team, Cross Country, I like reading.

Connor Whitson
Grade: 12
Bio: I am known for making great exits from the ashes of destruction that is the unfortunate academic team meets I attend. Be very afraid.

Mitchell Dodson
Grade: 12
Bio: 17 years old, single and loves to have fun!

Alexandra Bingham
Grade: 12
Bio: Runs Cross Country track, in NHS, Drama club, plays soccer, "A" student, I like to read.


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