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Oklahoma City Community College

Mind Games Team

Competition Date: 9/30/12

Jeff Carlisle


Eddie McMichael
Major: Geographic Information Systems
Hometown: Midwest City, OK
Bio: Accepted into Mensa, coin collector, dirt bike rider, computer technician and gamer, considering a Bachelor's in Secondary Education (Mathematics)

John Swatzell (coach)
Major: Pre-Medicine
Hometown: Yukon, OK
Bio: I am a husband and father with a great interest in science and history. My favorite classes are typically life science subjects. I am presently studying to become a chiropractor.

Richard Lee
Major: History
Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK
Bio: Loves history and football

Rezual (Ray) Hasan
Major: Pre-education
Hometown: Bangledesh
Bio: I have a long list of interests and hobbies. I learned to play tennis at an early age. Can play squash, badmitton and table tennis. Chess is my favorite game. I am an amateur writer. I have written a few English poems beside my own language. I like to tinker with tools and have made a few things on my own.

Miles Chaney
Major: Business
Hometown: Seattle
Bio: I am co-chair of SIFE, a ballroom dance instructor and enjoy video games

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