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Negative Campaigns

July 17,2013

Negative Campaigns

   The presidential election is still 4 months away and already turned very negative. 
   The Obama campaign is criticizing Romney's accomplishments and alleging possible felonies.The Romney campaign has essentially called the president a liar.  Really is this what our democracy has come to?

   Politicians see these tactics as acceptable while most of the public thinks it stinks. It seems no one can run for office without attacking or smearing their opponent.

   More and more people of accomplishment refuse to run for office because they know in process of achieving success they have made mistakes and had failures which an opponent will say makes them losers, cheaters, greedy or stupid.

   Seems to me we'd want people who have enjoyed successful careers to bring their skills and experience to government.

    Actually the person most likely to get elected  often has little experience or success, never been in business, therefore no failures.  

    Young people attracted to politics are full of idealism, committed to solving every problem but without an understanding of how to pay for it.

    Most of know with age comes a more conservative, pragmatic look at life.  For many in politics their elected job is the highest paid job they've ever had.  Their intentions may be good but what
skills or experience do they bring to their office.

   If you needed brain'd probably want a well educated, experienced doctor rather than someone doing it for the first time.

   Negative campaigns keep successful people from running from office.

   If the only way to get elected is to call your opponent a liar or cheat, the country's future isn't very bright.

For Common Sense, I'm Vince Orza.

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