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It's NOT an Energy Crisis

February 14th, 2012

It's Not An Energy Crisis - It's A Political Crisis

        For more than 4 decades American presidents and members of congress have been calling for ‘energy  independence’.  They’ve complained about being held hostage to an unstable middle east, unfriendly Venezula and unpredictable OPEC.

        Thanks to the technological genius of America’s energy industry, we now have a way to reduce our reliance on foreign oil.  American and Oklahoma’s energy companies have discovered new ways of finding huge supplies of oil and seemingly endless supplies of natural gas that at the very least reduce our dependence on others nations.

        Look at what Oklahoma’s energy industry has done for downtown Oklahoma City.  Our employment picture improved while the national  rate skyrocketed. Imagine what the nation’s economic picture could be if congress and the president worked with the energy industry!

        The  President has put the Keystone pipeline on hold so Canada will sell its energy resources to China instead of the U.S.  Bogus arguments on drilling and fracking drive up discovery costs unnecessarily. Congress can’t balance the budget.  Imagine how much money could be saved If converted millions of governmental and for that matter post office fleet vehicles to natural gas  $3 gasoline.
        Politicians like to talk about the energy crisis when the real problem is a political crisis.  When it comes to energy, it seems the president is blind and congress is impotent. 


For Common Sense, I'm Vince Orza.

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