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Iraq Vets

   This week marks the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war. Two and half million American men and women have served in Iraq and Afghanistan over these 10 years and the V.A. says nearly one third of them have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder!

   Oklahoma, more than most states, has strong military ties.  We have 5 bases, that employ about 70,000 military and civilian personnel . There are 24 million veterans in America...300,000 of them live in Oklahoma.

   America's military is the best in the world. The men and women who protect and defend our nation and much of the rest of the world get great lip service from Washington... but nearly 1 million vets have been left waiting up to three years to have their disability cases processed.  

   If there is anything Congress and the President should get be able to agree on it's taking care of of our vets.  Yet even that seems to have fallen victim to politics... 

  The proof of which came during the political gamesmanship over the sequester when Congress protected their own jobs and salaries but not those of the military. 

   It would be nice if America's elected officials could do their job as well as America's veterans. 

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