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A couple of things in the news caught my attention this past week.  It seems to me there would have been much less of a brouhaha over the gov't tracking our emails and phone calls on September 12...twelve years ago. 

   On that day...most of us would have allowed, expected the gov't to do whatever it took to find the out who masterminded the attacks on the world trade center and pentagon.

   If this is the highest price we have to pay to avoiding future's a small price to pay.

   In that same vein, it bothers me our legal system can drag out a trial for the Fort Hood Army Major who killed 13 people, wounded 30 others.  He's paralyzed from the waist down from wounds he received when he was shooting everyone.

   The same goes for the kid in Boston who detonated the bomb at the marathon.  He's in a hospital and taxpayers are paying the costs of rehabilitating both men.

    I'm no lawyer but since both men are U.S. citizens... I'm of the opinion treason and or violent acts of terrorism resulting in multiple deaths of innocent people should be justification for a swift trial and if a conviction occurs... the death penalty.

   To me, letting men such as these live in our prisons for decades adds insult to injury... or in these two cases...deaths and injury!

   For Common Sense... I'm Vince Orza

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