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Food Stamps

    You've probably heard that the American Medical Association declared obesity a disease.  There has been a great deal of discussion on drug and alcohol, hoarding, gambling and internet addictions being diseases or behavioral disorders.

   I don't know if obesity is a disease, but I know it causes diseases such as diabetes that result in hundreds of millions of dollars  in health care expenses.

   So if obesity is a disease...why is the U.S. government increasing the likelihood of people contracting it?

   I am speaking about the fact you can buy soft drinks and sodas, candy, ice cream which can be purchased with food stamps.

  There's nothing wrong with any of these products but by stamps were created to help people with low incomes purchase food.

   Given the obesity epidemic common sense should tell us we should narrow food stamp definitions to exclude foods that lead to future health problems and obesity.

   In short. It’s tough enough to control our weight...and no one in America should go hungry.

   In America today, 78-million adults and 12-million kids are already obese and by some estimates the rates could double in less than a decade.

   So if taxpayers dollars are being used to help feed the poor...let's make sure we don't cause them health problems in the process of helping them eat.

   For Common Sense, I'm Vince Orza

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