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     In case you haven't heard Congress is about as popular as an enema! Eighty three percent of likely voters think Congress is doing a lousy job, and rightfully so.

     They spend too much time finding fault with each other and far too little time solving problems.
A recent Gallop Poll showed Republican, Democrat and Independent voters all agree the country's biggest problem is government not Obamacare, Benghazi or Bush's decision to go to war in Iraq. 

     Independents and Democrats rank the economy the 2nd biggest problem. Republicans listed it third. Republicans say healthcare is the second biggest problem but Democrats and Independents rank it 4th.

     Democrats and Independents rank unemployment third republicans rank it 5th. So irrespective of party. Voters seem to agree on the top 3 or 4 issues.

     We pay congress $174,000 a year plus huge perks. For that kind of money, they should listen to the people who elected them and solve some problems.

     But both parties are more concerned with politics and getting themselves reelected. After all where else can you make $174,000 a year, have your bosses think you do a really lousy job but not get fired?

For Common Sense I'm Vince Orza

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