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Cameron University II

Mind Games Team

Competition Date: 2/10/13

Lani Malcolm


Jacob A. Jardel (Team Captain)
Major: Pschology (Senior)
Hometown: Aguana Heights, Guam
Bio: Favorite Sunday comic is Peanuts, and he is currently working on a collecting the entire Peanuts Collection by Charles Schultz.

Shawn D. Mietchen
Major: History (Freshman)
Hometown: Elgin, OK
Bio: Has a collection of 18 polo hats. His hero is John Wayne.

Brent A. Chappell
Major: Mathematics and Physics (Senior)
Hometown: Fletcher, OK
Bio: Has taken four years of ballet and four years of martial arts.

Ross E. Holley
Major: Accounting (Sophomore)
Hometown: Lawton, OK
Bio: Is a Master Mason in the Fraternal Order of Masons.

Joel Frambes

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