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Common Sense with Vince

Spring is are blooming, the lakes are getting busy, and the street beggars are out in mass.

You see them on street corners all over town... question is are they really homeless, wounded vets or frauds?

Some reports say a guy on the right corner can make $20-30 per hour... cash, tax free.

A couple of years ago Channel 5 did a story about an OKC guy who claims he made $60,000 a year begging!

Believe it or not you need a license to beg in Oklahoma City and there's actually a website with
tips to be successful.

If you're a women ..have kids with you, claim to be a veteran and have a cute black Labrador retriever with you and sit in a wheel chair. Ask for a specific amount... like 50 cents for bus fare. Avoid wealthy areas, people there call the cops on you.

Look I'm sure there are people out there who are down and out. But there are shelters, soup kitchens, the Salvation Army and others who really help the needy.

Giving money to a guy on the corner with a beat up card board sign may tug at your heart strings but more often than not...the guy you're giving to probably isn't what you think.

For Common Sense, I’m Vince Orza

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