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American Shame

February 21, 2012

American Shame

America’s political system is becoming a sewer of smear tactics.   It’s bad enough republicans and democrats smear each other… now republicans will say or do anything about each other to win their party’s presidential nomination.

    It’s no wonder decent, successful people have no interest in bringing their skills, experience, knowledge and accomplishment to government.

    Rick Santorum stooped to criticizing Mitt Romeny for using government money to save the Salt Lake Olympics.  

    Romney smeared Santorum for being a big spending liberal!  Newt Gingrich makes Romney sound like a communist and for the first time in anyone’s memory made business the enemy of the republican party!

    Hilary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s campaign for the democratic nomination 4 years ago seems almost friendly compared to what the GOP is doing to itself this election year.

    It seems no one knows how to run for office only how to run the other guy down.  Lies, exaggerations, cheap shots and millions of dollars of PAC money are destroying America. 

    Political candidates love to talk about family, faith, religion and God … all while they ignore that commandment  that says   'You shall not bear false witness    against your neighbor.'

For Common Sense, I'm Vince Orza.

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