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May 23, 2012

Senator Tom Coburn, American First...

   Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn has once again proven he's an American first, Conservative Republican second.

  In a recent Bloomberg BusinessWeek magazine interview Coburn addressed the nation's financial situation. 

   In discussing his friendship with the president, Coburn says when the president is getting an undue hard time from the opposition, he calls to encourage him. 

   The senator says although they may be political philosophical polar opposites... they can be great friends.

   Senator Coburn says the country's financial problems are a result of lack of leadership....Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn says republicans and democrats should be 'bending over backward with this president' to solve the nation's problems before the election.

   When it comes to the budget, Coburn doesn't believe there should be any sacred cows including the military... while at the same time explaining the very wealthy are going to have to pay more for programs like Medicare.

    Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn may be the bravest man in Washington... the only person willing to tell the truth no matter how politically unpopular.

    Years ago Oklahoma had another gutsy senator who did what was right rather than politically popular...Senator Henry Bellmon. Bellmon was a moderate Coburn is a conservative...  but both put politics second and America first.

For Common Sense, I'm Vince Orza.

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