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Drew Schroeder

Drew Schroeder grew up in Chicago, Illinois. In 1998 he graduated with a communications degree from Western Illinois University. That’s when his traveling radio career took him all over the country. Kenosha, Wisconsin; Bowling Green, Kentucky; Miami, Florida; Dallas, Texas all lead him to Oklahoma City in 2002. He found a home hosting Drew and Kaci too on 98.9 KISSFM where he has stayed for the past 10 years. Early in 2011Drew got a call that changed his life. KSBI-TV was starting up a new local show called Oklahoma Live and needed someone to guest co-host with Lynn Hester. Two years later he was named a permanent host of Oklahoma Live along with Alex Wherely and Owen Pickard.

Drew married a Texas girl in 2007 and they had a beautiful baby girl in 2012. They live in Edmond with their two dogs Walter and Woo.

What are your favorite sports teams?

Watching and playing sports was a big part of growing up in Chicago. I still follow the Bears, Cubs, Bulls and Blackhawks. But after 10 years in Oklahoma my favorite teams are here. I love watching the Thunder. And because I wasn’t raised to hate one or the other I root for both OU and OSU. I lean a little towards the orange and black of the Cowboys because Stillwater is one of my favorite towns in Oklahoma.

What was your “Welcome to Oklahoma” moment?

I originally moved to Oklahoma City to host a country radio morning show. And one of the first promotions I went to was Calf-Fry in Stillwater. When you live in other parts of the country you hear about cute cowgirls from movies and daydreams. It wasn’t until I saw a whole field of them wearing cowgirl boots and hats drinking bottled beer and dancing to Jason Bowland that I knew they actually existed. And I ended up marrying one a few years later.

What’s your favorite movie?

Big Lebowski. So much so I named 3 dogs after the characters. Walter, Woo and Lebowski. But if you asked me what one movie I would take to a deserted island I would go with The Blues Brothers. Great music, comedy, car chases. It’s got it all!

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Retire! The very next day. People always say they aren’t going to change. But that’s impossible. I would embrace it. Move to a nice house on the beach in South Florida. Get season tickets to every pro sports team in the area. Become an eccentric millionaire and act crazy all the time because rich people can get away with that. I already act a little nuts but having money makes it more acceptable.

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